Bazaar is Bukalapak's Design system. A design language to support hundreds of designers and developers build 40+ products across the company.

Services Design System, Tools & Ops

Year Nov 2018 – Jan 2020

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Bukalapak is one of the largest C2C e-commerce in Southeast Asia. As a designer in the Core Design team, I was responsible for constructing and maintaining a design system, initiated a design toolkit and collaborated with designers to accomplish workflow problems to be effective.

Design system #

Bazaar Bukalapak Design System Documentation
Documentation for Voucher Component
  • Worked with 20+ people from different disciplines to define, build and launch design systems to make the product experience more cohesive & scalable. The first release of the design system was launched in only 6 months.

  • Built a set of comprehensive UI kits consisting of Android, iOS, and Web Desktop to save designer time significantly so they can focus on finding a solution to a design problem.

  • Designed components for the design system based on WCAG accessibility standards and compliance requirements, in order to make the design are usable by a wide range of people, regardless of age, size or disability status.

Design tools #

Bazaar Design Toolkit
Design Toolkit V.0.1.1
  • Initiated and developed a design toolkit that gives designers quick access to all design resources via macOS’s menu bar using ElectronJS.

  • Build an automation tool used to generate all assets from Sketch files into assets that are ready-to-use by engineers to speed up the handoff process using JavaScript, Vue, and Figma API.

Design ops #

Figma Migration Guideline
Documentation for Figma migration
  • Collaborated with various departments such as Finance, Procurement, IT Security and IT Support team to reduce operational inefficiencies on the design workflow.

  • Facilitated workshops with the technology team to migrate from Sketch-Abstract-Marvel-Zeplin to Figma within a month.