ShopBack is the largest rewards and discovery platform in Asia-Pacific.

Services Design System & Product Design

Year Aug 2020 - Aug 2021

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The Design System #

I was responsible for evolving and centralizing a cross-platform design system for nine markets with different languages. I define components, document the guideline and usage to ensure the design team can use the design system easily.

Each Friday I share something at the Design System office hours event. Started with a component guideline discussion until workshop on how to use the design system.

You can see example of the Sheet's component documentation in this figma link.

ShopBack Design System Documentation
Documentation for Sheet Component

For implementation, I worked with Engineers from the Vietnam team to implement the design system for ShopBack's internal applications. Which used by entire teams from different countries to manage all campaign content in ShopBack products.

Experiment Products #

Screenshot ShopBack FOMO Community
ShopBack FOMO Community

Additionally, I design experiment products called ShopBack FOMO. ShopBack FOMO is a community where the most kiasu ShopBack users come together, share, and find top deals that people like. ShopBack users can share deals with the community and be rewarded with vouchers and virtual points. They can see the daily top deals in Singapore across 18 categories shared by other users. I worked with researchers, engineers, and product managers to build it.